Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on the Judiciary to step up

fight against corruption in the country as it had left many Kenyans

suffering and denied essential services.

Kenyatta said the judiciary is not immune to the temptations of

corruption and its officers must guard against criminals out to exploit

court processes to escape the consequences of their economic crimes.

He said there are known culprits, who exploit the court processes and

judgments to escape from the consequences of their economic crimes

against the people of Kenya.

Kenyatta noted a growing feeling based on perceptions that judicial

officers are beyond the reach of the law and are using the law to protect

individuals from the law, an act he termed as a profound assault on


Brokers of justice, said Kenyatta, have also persistently exploited the

judicial system to block and stall government projects worth huge sums

of money.

The president said it was unfortunate that a thread of selfish individuals

have continued to block government projects with undeclared interests