A least 15 million people or one-third of the population in Sudan are currently facing acute food insecurity, the Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Assessment, CFSVA, released by the United Nations World Food Programme, WFP, indicates.

The CFSVA, a food security assessment led by WFP, ascertains the food security situation among the resident population, assess risk factors that
contribute to food insecurity, and highlight vulnerable geographical areas.

The latest WFP assessment shows that food insecurity exists in all of Sudan’s 18 states, with ten most affected localities in Darfur, which have
been ravaged by nearly two decades of protracted conflict and displacement.

According to the world’s largest humanitarian agency, the assessment
projects that the already alarming food security situation is likely to
worsen throughout the lean season in Sudan, which started this month
and will last through September.

The conflict in Ukraine has reportedly worsened the situation, further driving up food and fuel prices in Sudan, which depends on food imports
with more than half of its wheat imports stemming from the Black Sea region.

Meanwhile, WFP and FAO called for urgent action, including increased funding, in order to save lives and prevent a looming hunger crisis in Sudan.