A Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO “When In Need Foundation” in Kaduna, Abuja, Imo State and other communities has engaged four million Nigerians in a sustainable food security program as Africa gets compounded by the imposed lockdowns resulting from the ravaging COVID-19.

The Foundation’s President Chetachi Ecton donated agricultural seeds inputs from organizations and people of goodwill in the United States that will grow stable food to feed millions spread across different communities in the country. She also noted that the mission is to rewrite the hunger narrative by engaging millions of people in food security programs.

Ecton however, argues that while she respects the global awareness that the developed world and the international community have given to the people affected by the deadly virus, little attention is paid to millions of people that die of hunger every day in Africa and Nigeria is no exception.

She however, appealed to the local governments in Nigeria and governments from the developed world and the international community to pay undiluted attention to hunger as a pandemic that has never been declared as a global state of emergency.

Ecton also recalled that in 2018, the United Nations World Food Programme, WFP gave a significant contribution of about 100 million dollars from the United States which guaranteed continued life-saving food assistance in northeast Nigeria through early 2018.