Abuja is a rapidly growing city. With this growth there has been a corresponding increase in air pollution.

Tress can help to mitigate these problems and support the ecosystem in abuja in numerous ways.

The federal capital territory authority (FCTA) is planting 20,000 trees in selected areas of abuja metropolis to maintain a good ecosystem in the city. The trees will be planted in Guzape, Wuye and Katampe extension.

The director of parks and recreation of (FCTA) Mr. Isiah ukpana explained during a tree planting exercise in wuye on Tuesday.

The director said that the exercise was a continuous effort of the tree planting  campaign in the three districts of Guzape, Wuye and Katampe extension, which started in 2023 to mark the world environmental day.

He furhter buttressed that tree planting is a collective responsibility due to the fact that trees were vanishing and must be replaced to maintain a conducive ecosystem.