Environmentalists Seek Reduction In Emission Footprints

Some environmentalists have advocated the need for a reduction in emission footprints as part of the solution to the current global economic and environment crises.

The environmentalists advocated this at the 6th edition of the Africa Clean-up Conference in Calabar, with the theme “The People, The Planet, The Green and Circular Economy.”

Report says that the two-day conference which climaxed with an award ceremony and dinner night saw the various speakers listing the benefits of moving from linear economy to circular economy.

One of them, Chidiebere Emmanuel, said that the present economy of “take-make use-dispose” was no longer sustainable as the economy had become large when compared with the natural ecosystem. Speaking on the topic: “Existing Relationship Between Green Economy and Circular Economy: Leveraging on Opportunities for Growth and Expansion,” he pointed out that Green and Circular economy were the way out