Senate committee on power, steel development and metallurgy have

recommended a 10 year jail term without an option of fine for anyone

found guilty to have conspired, procured and to hold stolen parts and

components of public power equipment in custody.

The committee asked the Senate to consider and pass an amendment of

the Electric Power Sector Reform Act No. 6,2005 to prohibit theft of

electricity, theft and destruction of electricity supply, infrastructure and

prescribe appropriate penalties for violations, and for other related

matters, 2019.

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission,NERC had in November

2018 presented a bill to the Senate, seeking seven years jail term for

electricity theft.

The bill is entitled ‘A Bill for an Act to prohibit and prevent electricity

theft, power infrastructure vandalisation and power company protection


The commission claimed that stealing and sabotage were responsible for

between 30 per cent and 35 per cent energy loss in the country.