Shugaban Kasa Muhammadu Buhari
Shugaban Kasa Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has challenged the electorate on the need

to honour their civic duty as voters by going to the polls on Saturday to

vote for candidates of their choice.

The president, in a nationwide broadcast on Friday in Abuja, said

eligible voters were duty bound to participate in electing a government

that would lead Nigeria to its finest destiny.

He said that the call had become imperative in view of the fact that

elections are the cornerstone of representative governance and voting

constitutes the highest and best expression of the sovereign will of the

people to choose the government that best represents them.

According to the president, it is only upon the freely expressed will of

the people that government truly dedicated to the welfare, rights and

interests of the people can be founded.

The president stressed that voting means that the citizens believe in

Nigeria and the excellent things the future holds for the nation and its


Therefore, he called on the electorate not to allow anyone to discourage

them from exercising their rights as citizens and voters on Saturday.