Democratic Republic of Congo Police have tear-gassed and fired shots to disperse protesting supporters of President Félix Tshisekedi.

The demonstrators arrived on motorbikes to protest outside parliament in the capital, Kinshasa, about proposed changes to the justice system, as they were burning tyres and chanting as they protested.

The protesters say that a bill before parliament is aimed at ensuring that allies of former President Joseph Kabila are protected from prosecution. This is because they added it will give the Justice Minister the ultimate say over who is prosecuted.

In another development, Tunisia Interior Ministry says youths clashed with police in a town in Tunisia’s deprived south, where a protest movement is demanding jobs and services.

The Ministry’s Spokesman Khaled Hayouni said many people gathered Tuesday night in front of a local security forces facility in Douz, 475 kilometres south of the capital Tunis, to protest disrupted water supplies.

Protesters also came out in support of a growing demonstration movement underway in Tataouine, where protesters are demanding authorities make good on a 2017 promise to provide jobs.

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