A Non-Governmental Organization, Clean Tech Hub, which focuses on research, policy development and consumer awareness on climate resilience, says 55 per cent of Nigerians lacked access to electricity.‎

Speaking at a workshop on the topic “promoting citizens access to clean energy solution in Nigeria: A Gender Approach”, the facilitator  Mark Amaza said that ninety three million Nigerians lacked access to electricity.

He added that the figure represents fifty five per cent of the total number of Nigerians that lacked access to electricity in the country.

Amaza said that the workshop was organised to increase awareness on the negative impacts of the use of the various sources of dirty energy, socially and mentally.

According to him, many people still rely on firewood for cooking, pushing the rate of health risk and deforestation to alarming level.‎‎

He pointed out that training women, particularly food vendors across the country will drastically reduce the high demand for firewood for cooking and other industrial use with its accompanied health risk and smoke related illnesses.‎‎

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